Herb Folks: United By The Plant

hello Herb Lovers & Peace Mongers

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Why Cannabis?


Food, fuel, fiber, and loving.
Cannabis enhances our lives


  • the sacred plant cannabis is one of the greatest gifts of the Creator, the Life Force
  • people are more vital and important than corporations
  • war is inherently bad
  • peace is good


  • we must increase the peace with herb & compassion
  • we are dedicated to the magic plant cannabis and all Her(b) Folks

Land or life

One Comment on “Herb Folks: United By The Plant”

  1. Once upon a time
    i met the Buddha on University, he was in a chair rollin around leading a large number of folks to the promised land at
    HCC. His humble ministry was first of its kind.
    As founder of Hillcrest Compassion Center, he created a sanctuary in a city otherwise under siege from the dea NCIS FBI asa NORML day to day grind. It was unsafe to minister directly to folks in need of cannabis as medicine in those days, in spite of proposition 215 and california senate bill 420 having been the actual law of the land for going on ten years at the time.
    He almost single handedly created jobs, medicine, food, and self respect for folks with HIV/AIDS homeless people rich folks poor folks sick healthy and dying.
    He also taught us our medicine is sacrament.
    Its been my great honor to roll with Paul Derrick Cody


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