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October 26, 2017
UC San Diego has begun looking for effective ways to talk to the public about how marijuana can impair a person’s driving abilities, a move prompted by the legalization of recreational marijuana in California

10news Travis Rice
7:06 PM, Oct 20, 2017

SANTEE, Calif. (KGTV) – Six medical cannabis delivery drivers are facing misdemeanor charges after a San Diego Sheriff’s Department sting conducted in Santee.

Deputies placed orders through a website and sent the delivery drivers photos of ID’s with a doctor’s note to lure them to the Carlton Oaks Golf Club.

San Diego Sheriff’s Department says they recovered 12 pounds in cannabis product in the operation.

herbfolks.org calls bullshit. 🕉

San Diego used to issue felonies for delivery of cannabis as medicine. 3 counts for each 1/8th delivered to Fake patient cops. Read your actual history, this is incredible, now you assholes cry about misdemeanors for 12 lbs of pot? Wtf ? Fuck off delivery service pukes shove your pesticide laden weed up your greedy asses. Sandiegoherb.com

General Strike USA: Ahimsa In Action

October 12 2017 Yesterday Trump said It’s disgusting the press can write whatever it wants.

No Donald YOU are disgusting; you are the ultimate Russian Troll, Putin’s tool.

It’s perfect, the Sacred Plant Cannabis

God damned heddy show

California’s Cannabis Priestess Arrested on Felony Charge | Leafly

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Heidi “Lepp” Released from Sacramento Jail October 5, 2017

Tom Petty Ascended October 2, 2017


 This year CBD is openly being discussed at DisneyLand for Epilepsy Treatment for children. No more shame, parents, come on out!


The clowns at National NORML still think there is a “branch” in San Diego, CA. Naw.


Why this domain has been suspended
'San Diego NORML doesn't give a shit about Americas 
7th largest city.
They take your money and SLOW down herb 
legalization and access. And drive nice cars and 
live in great houses.
They are fake herbheads shilling for lawyers.
They are lawyers.'
Grandpa Dale

Bancroft Mega Wellness – Spring Valley/Lemon Grove

raided & reopened in August 2017. Wtf?

Summer 2017

ONAC Mira Mar raided and reopened in August 2017.  At 7920 Arjons Drive . Raided again a couple weeks later along with another ONAC herb slinging church dispensary in Spring Valley (San Diego too).

How did we get into this mess, with Herr Trump selling steaks water and hate, all the way to “the top”? Flat world thinking. And magical thinking.


Considering the silly  flatworld  myths and all… Hate is bred into them under the guise of  “God said”. Slavery was legal once, too, they taught the world is flat, and women could not vote. These are the good old days Trumpkins pine for.

Where do we start, with Moses? Or Mo, the warrior? How about the virgin Mary? The only woman who ever lived to conceive a child without sex? Such a load of crap; seventy some percent of us believe it. Seriously its this kind of thinking which gets a lot of people killed. Guns and Jesus don’t mix well.

i and i love

Why do we wage war instead of peace, if indeed America is a city on a hill? Sup with ”Christian” fascination with killing, for God?

Because we are not. A city on a hill, a shining example for the world to emulate. God ain’t on our side. 

John the effing baptist.