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Labor Day

In 1871 a group of 20,000 men took to the streets in New York in what was known as the Great Eight Hour Parade, or the Parade of Working Men.  The parade was really more of a protest, but since it was a large group of white people, they just call it a parade.  They were protesting the working conditions of the time and demanding that the work day be cut to 8 hours per day.  There were at least 19 unions represented and the papers reported anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 people present

A cannon was being pushed down the street with a large banner saying “Eight Hour-Law. Peacefully is we can, forcibly if we must”, and other banners with sayings such as “when peaceful efforts fail, then revolution”.   The parade was organized by the Knights of Labor, who at the time were a clandestine group trying to form a centralized labor union for all workers, and who were also a group of hardcore Socialists.  The red flag of Socialism flew over most of the parade, as it would for the next decade or more.


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