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5 Reasons No Nation Wants to Go to War with Israel

The technology that binds all of these other systems together is the Israeli soldier. Since 1948 (and even before) Israel has committed the best of its human capital to the armed forces. The IDF has developed systems of recruitment, training, and retention that allow it to field some of the most competent...

Robert Farley
The National Interest

October 21, 2017

Source: 5 Reasons No Nation Wants to Go to War with Israel

hfn editors note: this transparent Israeli propaganda piece fails to mention the fact “Israel” is made up, literally from whole cloth. It’s fake. Their “power”, the magic ingredient the article alludes to, comes from the enslavement of the American Taxpayer, without which the warmonger “nation” would not exist. Like Saudi “Arabia”, “Israel” is a farce serving the oil/armaments empire which looms over the god damned mid-east like a swarm of biblical locusts. These dangerous myths should be relegated to the dust bins of history. Fast!

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