To limit number, places, and quantities sold By Dorian Hargrove, Feb. 7, 2014 Nearly three years after city councilmembers repealed San Diego’s first medical marijuana ordinance instead of placing it on the ballot, a new ordinance has finally made its way back to the dais. The council will discuss theRead More →

February 7, 2014  | Drug Enforcement Agency training documents reveal how the agency constructs two chains of evidence to hide surveillance programs from defense teams, prosecutors, and a public wary of intelligence gathering methods,  reports, a website that files freedom of information requests on behalf of its users TheRead More →

By Carol Rosen, Correspondent Posted:   01/22/2014 06:01:01 PM PST | Updated:   15 days ago At the end of the council discussion on Dec. 10, council members voted to close all dispensaries directly connected to residences within 30 days and gave staff 90 days to come up with regulationsRead More →


January 2015: the PB Planet Green rats scurried “out of sight”, where WILL they pop up again? They have at least one storefront in town and delivery… John Nobel and company, including various acronyms, have been involved in ongoing ‘weed’ related businesses at 936 Garnet and beyond, ad infinitum.  GreenRead More →

For Leonhart to describe Obama’s statement as unscientific is pretty rich. Like all of her predecessors, Leonhart has steadfastly refused to reclassify marijuana, which for no rational reason remains on Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, a category supposedly reserved for drugs with a high potential for abuse that have no accepted medicalRead More →

When Weed Grew Wild in Williamsburg – WNYC. Thursday, January 23, 2014 – 11:38 AM             WNYC By John Passmore Remember when New York City was covered in weed? Well it turns out that even as the city oversaw historic removal efforts in the 1950s, there were already some in governmentRead More →

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Colorado Green Tours is currently a private company in Denver with possible designs for an IPO. “Going public is not at the forefront of our mind, but its a possibility,” said Peter Johnson, founder of the travel agency. “Theres so much stuff going on right now.”Read More →

Jan 23 (Reuters) – U.S. treasury and law enforcement  agencies will soon issue regulations opening banking services to  state-sanctioned marijuana businesses even though cannabis  remains classified an illegal narcotic under federal law,  Attorney General Eric Holder said on Thursday. new herb banking rules Follow @Herbfolks Tweet Tweet to HerbfolksRead More →

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