In California, Fires So Fast Hesitation Proved Lethal –

By THOMAS FULLER and RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑAOCTOBER 13, 2017SANTA ROSA, Calif. — With towering flames bearing down, one victim delayed escape in hopes of saving his new truck — but he could not find the keys. An elderly couple slept as danger erupted, not waking until it was too late to flee down their one-lane road. Another couple, who barely
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Watch: America’s Mobster President—New Evidence in Dutch Documentary of Trump’s International Money Laundering Circles

Steven Rosenfeld / Alternet September 27, 2017, 2:03 PM GMT President Trump’s Manhattan properties and business partners, including former Soviet Union-connected oligarchs, were involved in a larger international money-laundering scheme involving upward of $1 billion, according to Dutch filmmakers whose third installment in an investigative series aired on public TV in Holland Wednesday. “We wanted to
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More coverage on Grossman arrest | news-and-current-aff

The Strange Case of Heidi Grossman Lepp October 4, 2017 What’s being unregistered by associates who Believe they have some sort of legal protection in California by some authority under Sugarleaf Rasta Church, it’s important that you know and really understand that you do NOT, if Anything is learned from this article let it please
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California’s Cannabis Priestess Arrested on Felony Charge | Leafly

Peter Hecht, former political writer and Los Angeles bureau chief for the Sacramento Bee, has been reporting on cannabis since 2009. His coverage has been honored for explanatory reporting in the “Best of the West” journalism awards and earned an Excellence in Journalism prize from the Northern California Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.
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The Church As Eye Know It

Joy Graves Banners consultations code enforcement scams … like 😜 crazy 😈🌲trees for fees, and more such Sugarleaf nonsense Friday August 4th marks the end of a long scary and tragic week for the communities of central California, it’s only the Middle of a week long coming for Sugarleaf Rastafarian Church as this marks the
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Trump Organization Quietly Removes Birtherism Boast from His Corporate Bio | Alternet

When it came to promoting the racist birther conspiracy that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, there was no louder voice than Donald Trump. He was obsessed with the racist notion that Barack Obama wasn’t ‘one of us.’ He spent hours talking about it on cable news, tweeting about it. It also conveniently
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What’s Rasta and Who Cares?

– is there ONE definition of Rasta? – who says? – who gives a fuck? – churchin’ Any fucks given? Rastafari originated among impoverished and socially disenfranchised Afro-Jamaican communities in 1930s Jamaica. Its Afrocentric ideology was largely a reaction against Jamaica’s then-dominant British colonial culture. It was influenced by both Ethiopianism and the Back-to-Africa
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Gunfire At Rastafarian Church?

3 Sugarleaf “Churches“ scheduled for court TODAY! | news-and-current-aff Follow @Herbfolks Tweet Tweet to Herbfolks

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