Post by Herb Folks. Scientists have developed an “off-switch” for the brain to effectively shut down neural activity using light pulses. In 2005, Stanford scientist Karl Deisseroth discovered how to switch individual brain cells on and off by using light in a technique he dubbed ‘optogenetics’. Research teams around theRead More →

Medicine from a plant! Damn, what a concept! from the good folks at Aspirin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The active ingredient of Aspirin was first discovered from the bark of the willow tree in 1763 by Edward Stone of Wadham College, Oxford University. He had discovered salicylicRead More →

Jan 23 (Reuters) – U.S. treasury and law enforcement  agencies will soon issue regulations opening banking services to  state-sanctioned marijuana businesses even though cannabis  remains classified an illegal narcotic under federal law,  Attorney General Eric Holder said on Thursday. new herb banking rules Follow @Herbfolks Tweet Tweet to HerbfolksRead More →

  By Derek Staahl and Brooke Ruth Created: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 01:59:00 PST Drug Enforcement Administration agents carried out dozens of boxes of evidence out of Garnet Greens, which is near the intersection of Garnet Avenue and Bayard Street, beginning around 6 a.m Pullen declined to comment further becauseRead More →

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