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El Cajon Planet Greens IS What

El Cajon Planet Greens IS What

Green Earth became Garnet Greens became Planet Greens!

Now in El Cajon

the DEA “closed” them at multiple locations over the years.

Simply slingin “weed” via the San Diego Reader weekly and daily. FOR YEARS ask Jeff Lake or his buddy Dumanis

”planet Greens “ still slingin after all these years.


Equal Application Of Law ? Naw

Equal Application Of Law ? Naw

KUSI News - San Diego, CA


CHULA VISTA (KUSI) — Most cities in San Diego County do not allow the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries, yet hundreds of them are flourishing.


The anti-marijuana San Diego prosecutor’s office is out of control.

Beyond the implications for legalized marijuana in California is the much thornier issue of attorney-client privilege.


With her blond pixie haircut and black tailored skirt suits, attorney Jessica McElfresh represents the new face of California marijuana law: polished, professional, and regulation-oriented. Yet early on the morning of May 24, a SWAT team raided McElfresh’s San Diego home, where she lived with her mother and boyfriend. Heavily armed police officers handcuffed her and hauled her, still wearing pajamas, to the backyard, where they read the arrest warrant out loud—just loud enough for the neighbors to hear. That day, McElfresh was the criminal, not the attorney

McElfresh was accused of being an accessory to a crime related to her representation of Med-West, a licensed cannabis manufacturer and distributor, and its owner James Slatic, who had been simultaneously indicted for more than a dozen related felonies for fraud and money laundering that could lead to 15 years in prison. The case against not only Slatic’s business but also his lawyer appears to have been a broad assault by a prosecutor’s office determined to charge as excessively as possible and win, even if it meant being hazy about the facts behind the case.

Source: The anti-marijuana San Diego prosecutor’s office is out of control.

Why Is Facebook Taking Down Marijuana Dispensary Pages? – NBC News

Why Is Facebook Taking Down Marijuana Dispensary Pages? – NBC News

Over the past two weeks, the social media giant has reportedly been shutting down the Facebook pages of legal cannabis businesses across the country.

In an email to NBC News, a Facebook spokesperson said "These pages have been removed for violating our Community Standards, which outline what is and is not allowed on Facebook."
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Source: Why Is Facebook Taking Down Marijuana Dispensary Pages? - NBC News


cannabis? theres an app for that zuckerman! wake the eff up and smell the herb

First? Legal Grow

First? Legal Grow

Building permit issued for county's  first legal pot grower



“It’s still a federal crime, however as long as you abide by the federal and state guidelines, the federal government is not going to aggressively take action," Fish predicted.

OutCo has already acquired several other properties for future expansion of their cultivation operation. The company hopes to employ about 200 people by 2017.

11 Approved, only 2 OPEN!

11 Approved, only 2 OPEN!

Landlord dispute stymies pot shop
Frustrated dispensary applicant seeks $3M in lawsuit

By David Garrick | 4:27 p.m. Oct. 20, 2015

“I think it’s frustrating for not only the applicants but for the people of San Diego of San Diego


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HFN editor's note: Where is our legal herb ? Enough lawyer-liar Mumbo Jumbo.

This is why it costs too much, and why it's not safely grown, tested, transported, and widely available to citizens of the second largest city in California.

San Diego is New Berlin.

San Diego Backwater

San Diego Backwater


While California’s backwaters continue to deny citizens access to medical cannabis, San Francisco is going far further than allowing stores — The City is openly celebrating them.

Hfn editors note: the New Romans, aka feds, complicate this picture.... San Diego is the new DMZ!


Eaze Delivery

Eaze Delivery


Hello all, I am a delivery driver for the dispensary, Eaze. I would like to offer any first time patients $35 off first order. Please visit the dispensary website for menu and to place an order. and promo code ICGWCQ
Prop 215 patients Only!


Jive ass disclaimer: this is a pubic service announcement from folks (eaze) who purport to be right-on honorable herb lovers selling cannabis as medicine, they probably are cool. We don't know. They are not us, the HerbFolksNation!  om out, grandpa Dale


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