Retaliation from the rightwing twittersphere about the criticism of Chris Kyle was swift and violent. By Lindy West / The Guardian January 9, 2015   “I hate the damn savages,” he wrote. “I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the Iraqis. …much of the US right wing appears to have seized upon American Sniper withRead More →

By Allegra Kirkland / AlterNet January 9, 2015   “The Tragedy of the American Military” convincingly makes the case that the deepening divide between the military and the American public is the reason we spend such absurd sums on the tools and technology of war. We have, Fallows argues, become a “chickenhawk” nation:Read More →

BLOW BY BLOW 19 hours ago think about what you’re doing. It’s not right. via ‘Sea of Blood’ Inside Charlie Hebdo – The Daily Beast. HFN editor’s note: if you do not soundly condemn Islam, Judaism, and so called Christianity, then you are part of the problem. Why, ’cause theRead More →

Controversy over marijuana dispensary permits – San Diego, California Talk Radio Station – AM 760 KFMB. ? Herb Folks, relax, the kids are safe, kinda. They don’t have medical marijuana recommendations, so they can’t buy the herb at these shops. They buy it at school, fyi… They are not safeRead More →

By Julia  on December 03 2014 9:05 AM Under the Leahy Amendment, the U.S. must cut off funding for other countries security forces that violate human rights, and protest organizers #USTired2 claim that Mexicos government has done just that. “Were turning our attention to what we can do as people livingRead More →

KUSI News – San Diego, CA SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Medical marijuana collectives in San Diego are starting to shut down, one by one. They say they are being forced out of business as the city’s new medical marijuana ordinance goes into effect. A dispensary in the center of PacificRead More →

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