After an important supplier to San Diego’s first licensed medical marijuana facility was raided just weeks before harvest, owners have continued operations, unsure about their future. Source: After Raid, Legal Dispensary’s Supplier Unclear Herb Folks, lets count the ways this is effed up: Taxation without representation: Tyranny Of The 1%Read More →

Here Comes The Big One: ReformCA Files Its California Pot Legalization Initiative The long-anticipated measure from the Golden State’s broadest marijuana reform campaign is finally out of the gate. By Phillip Smith / AlterNet October 4, 2015 comment from Kevin P. Saunders re: Here Comes The Big One: ReformCA Files Its CaliforniaRead More →

Steve Kubby Fb sept 23 2015 MEET THE AUTHORS OF THE MMRSA Along with these three authors of medical marijuana regulation bills awaiting Gov. Brown’s signature, Cal NORML director Dale Gieringer will be speaking at this event in Saturday. Featured Speakers for The State of Marijuana The State of MarijuanaRead More →

If you want medical marijuana delivered to your home, now there is an app for that. Source: App Delivers Medical Marijuana to Homes HFN editor’s note: So, what’s new? Have city/state/federal laws changed, since the DEA/NCIS/ATF/FBI first started arresting herb folks for providing cannabis as medicine, in the second largestRead More →


summrrv 2017 Torrey Holistics, near Del Mar, Ca. The city formerly known as San Diego has about 15 “legal” city authorized and licensed, herb shops open now, with 50 to 100 non authorized herb shops and two hundred plus delivery services operating “above ground”, here in the DMZ. Also, Vegas isRead More →

Source: CA Wildfires Burns Medical Marijuana Industry Where does your medical cannabis come from? Do you know? Do you care? Isn’t it odd Northern California is out front about medicinal herb growing (mostly) yet we have stories from the Santa Cruz mountains, like this one about folks a hundred miles awayRead More →

COSTA MESA – A San Diego political action committee that was influential in ushering in regulated medical marijuana dispensaries to that city last year has set its sights on doing the same for Orang Source: San Diego marijuana PAC makes advances into O.C. ARMA is bad karma. – grandpa daleRead More →

July 15, 2015 9:00 am by: Staff Report Category: Crime + Courts, News Board of Equalization (BOE) Chairman Jerome E. Horton announces his support for a “Cannabis Tax Enforcement ‘Eliot Ness’ Plan,” which is intended to educate, investigate, audit, arrest, and force cannabis sellers to pay their fair share ofRead More →

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