Monday, July 21, 2014 By David Wagner The DEA interprets the law by lumping hemp in with marijuana. The. way the feds see it, both plants belong to the cannabis family. Both contain the psychoactive ingredient THC. Both are illegal. Nevermind. that the level of THC in hemp is miniscule. via Meet SanRead More →

By Andrew Lopez |  Sunday, Jul 13, 2014  |  Updated 3:57 AM PDT Two men from the Bakersfield area were arrested Friday on suspicion of transporting more than 300 envelopes and 100 plastic jars of concentrated marijuana known as “wax” to a music festival in San Bernardino County. via Two MenRead More →

Alyssa BereznakTech Columnist July 10, 2014 Canary, a new startup that offers on-demand marijuana delivery, recently launched with the tagline “Prohibition is over.” The startup’s webpage advertises 24/7 availability for pot in Colorado and Washington, where state legislatures recently legalized the sale of recreational marijuana. The site teases a sleek, simpleRead More →

By Bob Young Seattle Times staff reporter You’re curious, concerned or psyched. It’s been 20 months, or some 600 days, since Washington voters legalized weed, and the first wave of retail pot stores is finally poised to open Tuesday. In the meantime, Seattle elected a legally married gay mayor, the SeahawksRead More →

By KIRK JOHNSONJULY 6, 2014 VANCOUVER, Wash. — John Larson, a recently retired high school science and math teacher, hopes to be in the first wave of legal recreational marijuana salespeople opening shop here in Washington State this week.Mr. Larson, 67, who was talked into the venture by his children, saidRead More →

Delahunt, colleagues won’t run operations; little-known director brought in By Kay Lazar and Michael Levenson |  Globe staff   February 07, 2014 …but the man in charge of cultivation, and his experience, is something of an enigma. Avis Bulbulyan has “cultivated commercial medicinal marijuana in California since 2008 for dispensariesRead More →

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Colorado Green Tours is currently a private company in Denver with possible designs for an IPO. “Going public is not at the forefront of our mind, but its a possibility,” said Peter Johnson, founder of the travel agency. “Theres so much stuff going on right now.”Read More →

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