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Will Ohio Legalize a Marijuana Monopoly? | High Times

As we continue to watch the emergence of new legal marijuana markets across the United States, it’s instructive to look at another so-called vice: gambling. Where games of chance were once relegated to Nevada and Atlantic City, NJ, it’s now hard to find any state that doesn’t have some form of gambling, be it riverboat casinos, tribal casinos, or just a state lottery.

Source: Will Ohio Legalize a Marijuana Monopoly? | High Times

... in Ohio as in California?

Davidovich Goldsmith Llamas DEA FBI CoIntelPro

Davidovich Goldsmith Llamas DEA FBI CoIntelPro

Medical Pot Co. Board Calls Merger Fraud

By MIKE HEUER Courthouse News Service

Friday, May 01, 2015Last Update: 2:27 PM PT

SAN DIEGO (CN) - The new owners of the nation's first publicly traded medical marijuana company acquired it through fraud, former board members say in a state court suit.
William Martin and David Tobias say the Hemp Deposit and Distribution Corp. - doing business as CannaBank - and its president and founder, Michael Llamas, lied to them to acquire a controlling interest in Medical Marijuana, Inc. in 2010.

Named as defendants are Medical Marijuana Inc., Hemp Deposit and Distribution, which does business as CannaBank, Llamas and Michelle Sides, who is a Florida attorney Martin and Tobias say assisted Llamas in executing the deal for Medical Marijuana.
Martin and Tobias accuse Llamas and Sides of fraud, conspiracy, conversion, rescission, unjust enrichment, negligent misrepresentation, bad faith, gross mismanagement, breaches of fiduciary duty and contract and breach of employment contract.
They also accuse defendants of violations of the California Corporation Code, Business and Professions Code, and the U.S. Exchange Act.
Martin and Tobias seek recession of the CannaBank agreement, monetary judgment plus interest and punitive, incidental and additional damages and the transfer of 30 million shares in Medical Marijuana to Martin and another 30 million shares to Tobias.
Attorney Jonathan McGee of the McGee Law Firm in Phoenix filed the complaint on behalf of Martin and Tobias.
Officials for CannaBank did not reply to requests for comment by press time.

HFN editor's note: This crowd of clowns is led by agent D, close associate of San Diego city attorney Jan Goldsmith. This fellow Llamas is reported to be "working" with Eugene Davidovich, of "arma" doing bank! More Cointelpro Crap!

Davidovich's Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access, (Arma) is a government scam, in our opinion, pure and simple,


Where the city stands..

4/23/2016 update:


ARMA's propaganda website

EDITORIAL: In the way of weed | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Posted June 28, 2015 - 12:01am

EDITORIAL: In the way of weed


A reminder to state and local government officials about medical marijuana: It’s legal. In fact, it’s been legal in Nevada for more than 14 years.So why are they still making it so hard for patients to obtain the drug?

Another reminder to government: Next year, Nevada voters will be asked to legalize recreational use of marijuana, a question that will be favored to pass.

A rigorous regulatory structure isn’t worth a weed if it doesn’t have any businesses to regulate. At some point, government needs to get out of the way.

Source: EDITORIAL: In the way of weed | Las Vegas Review-Journal

San Diego OKs two more pot shops

Dispensary approvals bring total to 8, with 11 to 14 now expected as final number

Source: San Diego OKs two more pot shops

HFN editor's note: more slop from what passes as a newspaper in the city now known as New Berlin. The basics of the "story" are not there. Who What Why When Where. On whose behalf. With money from where? Which one of these "weed" shops, as the UT calls them, or "Pot Shops" like Scott Effing Chipman calls them, is owned and operated by Kim Twolan and her boy Thor? Let us know so we can avoid the mofo's.

Medical Marijuana Clinic Owner Admits to Forging Dr.’s Signature – Times of San Diego

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy emphasized that every patient — regardless of whether they’re seeking medical marijuana or other prescription drugs — has the right to have a licensed medical professional advising them on matters that affect their health.

Source: Medical Marijuana Clinic Owner Admits to Forging Dr.'s Signature - Times of San Diego

HFN editor's note: ok, lets be real. This is not "practicing medicine" its a hustle, pure and simple. "Doctors and Lawyers" lying for fun and profit. When are we going to get our First Amendment right to use cannabis as sacrament? When are all Americans going to be able to use cannabis as medicine?

When you all get real and quit fucking around.

grandpa Dale

Delivery? | the Holy Herb

Delivery? | the Holy Herb

Source: Delivery? | the Holy Herb

We believe the plant is meant for our edification, enlightenment, and nourishment, physical and spiritual. The medicinal qualities of cannabis are inseparable from the spiritual.

Of cops and marijuana

San Diego police are on the lookout to buy some heavy duty high-tech laser guns made by Applied Concepts of Plano, Texas, maker of the Stalker line of speed detectors.

Another local lobbyist has signed on with marijuana boosters. The Atlantis Group, run by ex–Jerry Sanders aide Marcela Escobar-Eck, is working for San Diego Health and Wellness, a “medical marijuana consumer cooperative” regarding “matters relating to project entitlements for a project at 5125 Convoy Street,” according to a June 2 disclosure filing.

Source: Of cops and marijuana San Diego Reader

random comment: monaghan June 11, 2015 @ 4:28 p.m.

Ms. Escobar-Eck, known as an ex-Sanders administration city employee who okayed the too-tall Sunroad building that had to have its top floor lopped off for exceeding the height limit, has lucrative private clients these days, including controversial One Paseo developers and La Jolla real estate owners who hope to bypass requirements of the La Jolla Planned District Ordinance to keep retail shops on ground floors rather than brokerage offices.

La Jolla millionaire goes for Denver green

La Jolla millionaire goes for Denver green

Marc Paskin aims to cash in on pot ads via Colorado radio station
By Ken Leighton, June 9, 2015

Paskin claims he had serious discussions about buying an FM station in San Diego. His offering of “$5 to $6 million” was not near what the local owners wanted, he says. But if his Denver experiment works, he expects to launch “Smokin’” stations in San Diego and in other California cities.

“Everyone expects Nevada and California to legalize recreational marijuana next year.”

Source: La Jolla millionaire goes for Denver green


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