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11 Approved, only 2 OPEN!

11 Approved, only 2 OPEN!

Landlord dispute stymies pot shop
Frustrated dispensary applicant seeks $3M in lawsuit

By David Garrick | 4:27 p.m. Oct. 20, 2015

“I think it’s frustrating for not only the applicants but for the people of San Diego of San Diego


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HFN editor's note: Where is our legal herb ? Enough lawyer-liar Mumbo Jumbo.

This is why it costs too much, and why it's not safely grown, tested, transported, and widely available to citizens of the second largest city in California.

San Diego is New Berlin.




Dab Report 2015: Laws of Extraction

While more and more states are legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis, most are not quite so progressive when it comes to concentrates.

Much like the years leading up to the historic fall of the Berlin Wall, the walls of marijuana prohibition in the United States are systematically being chipped away— Oklahoma, manufacturing or distributing any form of hash can land you in prison for life. A life sentence, for just a few dabs. Let that one sink in for a minute.

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San Diego Backwater

San Diego Backwater


While California’s backwaters continue to deny citizens access to medical cannabis, San Francisco is going far further than allowing stores — The City is openly celebrating them.

Hfn editors note: the New Romans, aka feds, complicate this picture.... San Diego is the new DMZ!


After Raid, Legal Dispensary’s Supplier Unclear

After Raid, Legal Dispensary’s Supplier Unclear

After an important supplier to San Diego's first licensed medical marijuana facility was raided just weeks before harvest, owners have continued operations, unsure about their future.

Source: After Raid, Legal Dispensary's Supplier Unclear

Herb Folks, lets count the ways this is effed up:

  • Taxation without representation: Tyranny Of The 1%
  • 14th Amendment: Unequal Application of State Law
  • Tenth Amendment: respect for States Rights

Voices, lets hear from real Herb Folks ’bout REFORM/CA

Voices, lets hear from real Herb Folks ’bout REFORM/CA

Here Comes The Big One: ReformCA Files Its California Pot Legalization Initiative

The long-anticipated measure from the Golden State's broadest marijuana reform campaign is finally out of the gate.
By Phillip Smith / AlterNet October 4, 2015

comment from Kevin P. Saunders re:

Here Comes The Big One: ReformCA Files Its California Pot Legalization Initiative.

Do NOT FALL for this from REFORMCA/ CCPR.. This is a horrible initiative and it will lose. One OZ? 10x10? Criminal penalties still exist...??? How dare this group try to sneak this past us.. Coasterdam is 100% committed to stopping this DEAD IN ITS TRACKS...

Please go to ReformCA's FB page and tell them this is DOA..

And tell them Kevin P Saunders 'sent' you, lol...

Source: Facebook Posting