Rev Lepp Checks In Jan. 2016

Paul Derrick Cody January 8 at 2:15pm · Letter from Eddy Lepp… “First Week of The Last Year!!!!” 1/8/2016 Well another interesting week Korea is going to blow up the world. Canadians running for Pres. Mickey Martin Honored so many with his annual awards, many quite deserving of notice. Of course as usual he pissed
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First? Legal Grow

Building permit issued for county’s  first legal pot grower POSTED 6:23 PM, JANUARY 4, 2016, BY MISHA DIBONO, UPDATED AT 09:01AM, JANUARY 5, 2016 fox5 “It’s still a federal crime, however as long as you abide by the federal and state guidelines, the federal government is not going to aggressively take action,” Fish predicted. OutCo
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