What’s An Influence Operation ?

US Senate report on Russian INFLUENCE IN UKRAINE elections (pdf) https://www.armed-services.senate.gov/download/oliker_03-29-17 ✌️ Information operations and warfare, also known as influence operations, includes the collection of tactical information about an adversary as well as the dissemination of propaganda in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent. RAND research has enabled military leaders and policymakers to
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In California, Fires So Fast Hesitation Proved Lethal – NYTimes.com

By THOMAS FULLER and RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑAOCTOBER 13, 2017SANTA ROSA, Calif. — With towering flames bearing down, one victim delayed escape in hopes of saving his new truck — but he could not find the keys. An elderly couple slept as danger erupted, not waking until it was too late to flee down their one-lane road. Another couple, who barely
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How the fuck is this possible

. These fools send me emails slinging herb illegally all these 7 years since they worked an underhanded under the table deal with the city of Del Mar to not sell illegal marijuana in Del Mar under threat of ongoing fines. Google it if you don’t believe me fool. I live in Del Mar. Who
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General Strike USA: Ahimsa In Action

The infrastructure of the internet itself is currently compromised, controlled via monetization, by whoever pays for the clicks. On any platform. Rubles talk. Loud. And you, many of us, buy this crap as if it’s normal. it ain’t. ☮️ Herbfolks.org calls for a peaceful Ahimsa based, General Strike to save humanity from Trumpism, a scourge as fetid
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Flames Of Death Consume America’s Premier Grape & Herb Country

Horror herbfolks.org Emergency IN Americas premier wine & herb country – huge loss of life #wagepeace #hfn Forbes OCT 11, 2017 California Fires Destroy Cannabis Crops At Harvest Time Debra Borchardt The fires in northern California are turning into a catastrophe for local cannabis growers. Some farmers have seen their crops incinerated, while others have
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A Surprise From the Supervolcano Under Yellowstone

Trilobites By SHANNON HALL OCT. 10, 2017 The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park, a large hot spring known for its vibrant coloration. Beneath the park is a powerful supervolcano which drives the spring and other geological activity. Credit Marie-Louise Mandl/EyeEm, via Getty Images Beneath Yellowstone National Park lies a supervolcano, a behemoth far
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Wage Peace? What’s The Alternative?

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Watch: America’s Mobster President—New Evidence in Dutch Documentary of Trump’s International Money Laundering Circles

Steven Rosenfeld / Alternet September 27, 2017, 2:03 PM GMT President Trump’s Manhattan properties and business partners, including former Soviet Union-connected oligarchs, were involved in a larger international money-laundering scheme involving upward of $1 billion, according to Dutch filmmakers whose third installment in an investigative series aired on public TV in Holland Wednesday. “We wanted to
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