Rev Lepp Checks In Jan. 2016


Paul Derrick Cody
January 8 at 2:15pm ·
Letter from Eddy Lepp...
"First Week of The Last Year!!!!" 1/8/2016
Well another interesting week Korea is going to blow up the world. Canadians running for Pres. Mickey Martin Honored so many with his annual awards, many quite deserving of notice. Of course as usual he pissed of the world but he said what many believe to be true. Seems there is always something going on out there to keep the pot stirred up. Wonder if that's a pun? Looks like about 3 or 4 inch's have fallen so far due for another 3 or 4 then suppose to clear for a week or so. Not going out in this till I must. Sure missing Cali. Don't know why anyone would want to live in this all the time. Burrrrrrrrrrr. Not much else going on. TRUTH RESPECT ALL HURT NONE LOVE ONE ANOTHER !!!!!


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