Eddy Lepp “Explains” The Gun Play. kinda. Where’s Heidi!

Charles Eddy Lepp and his “wife” Heidi Grossman Lepp have been in hiding since the raids arrests and gun play exposed them this past summer and fall. Since Heidi’s “arrest” and subsequent release early October 2017.

So we asked Eddy Lepp directly!

Creator Of All Universes

“So what happened with the lawsuits Heidi filed against the government? What is the status of her arrest and prosecution? Eddy Lepp you owe us some answers. Heidi was LOUD & Proud TIL your church farm was turned Into a murder scene with two cops being Shot. Unless and until YOU come clean, your & her actions continue to heap shame on all woke beings, not just herb lovers. She is hiding out, but not forgotten, this violent gun toting bullshit is bogus Eddy Lepp you let a lot of people down. Are we clear? Herbfolks.org. we On it 🙏”

Eddy Lepp
“Fuck you the church Was Not the place where the shootings happened it was on the property next door owned by a x cop and it was her gun he used so check the facts out before running your uninformed mouth it's B S like this that allows them to keep winning even despite the facts proving were right but to many just like you stir the shit pot from afar without talking to the people who were involved and know the facts so keep running your lies and B S as to your B S about me please come say it to my face you P.O.S.”

Creator Of All Universes
“Guns and herb really ? Now you threaten me? Do you have some sort of immunity? Are the feds allowing you to do whatever your “wife” wants, with impunity?”

How DO you two stay free anyway? She’s “out on bail” supposedly.... nobody else in your position is allowed to get away with this shit and NOT be returned to prison. 🔥 👀 so who is zooming who? 

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One Comment on “Eddy Lepp “Explains” The Gun Play. kinda. Where’s Heidi!”

  1. Piece of s***now you want to put it on the woman that she owned a gun and that’s the gun he used really and that she’s a cop really stupid ass really explain this to me you f******* explain it to me how your Rastafarian so-called Rastafarian man called your woman Miss Grossman lamp and said there was a man out there deranged waving a gun and pulling out marijuana plants really assholes really you God damn well knew who this guy was for months and months and months so explain that to us and you said it before live television sitting on your golden chairs all we don’t know who he was he had only been here two or three weeks he was looking for voluntary work as a trim again or for a place to stay or sleep I don’t know what the hell wording you used but that’s how I took it when you God damn knew who this guy was and so did that dumbass Rastafarian they’re not even Rastafarian those are not Rastafarian Rastafarians don’t act like that they don’t think like that they wouldn’t lie like that quit putting the Rastafarian name in a bad way so explain yourself a******

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