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Mooney claimed. “Our phone was ringing off the hook with people saying that they (the Lepps) were selling churches.” The Lepps, in turn, contend that they were the victims of a fraudulent scheme. They said Mooney pressured them to collect and funnel donations to Oklevueha. Mooney denied the accusation. No money was paid to Oklevueha, he told Leafly. Mooney’s church administrator, Tracie Rutledge, said the Lepps did send funds “to the mother church”—meaning Oklevueha—but said she didn’t know how much.

Source: Heidi Grossman-Lepp | Florida Medical Marijuana Certification Clinics


Charles Edward (Edfy) Lepp recently said “there was no murder” at his “church farm”, lamely “explaining his way out of it... naw, he’s a con artist.

The only question remaining is how do they stay out of jail, where are they hiding? Heidi was sprung from jail after her arrest last October, where are the loudmouths now?

heres a FB link from last year when the Lepps were kicked out of “the mother church”.

Leafly.com do you know? Hightimes.com ?

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