Pot farms, hash oil labs pose threat to kids | UTSanDiego.com

By Pauline Repard4:29 P.M.DEC. 10, 2014Updated7:05 P.M.

Of the hash oil labs and indoor marijuana farms found this year, children were present at 16 of them, Hill said.

“The No. 1 threat to these children is the parents,” Hill said. “They don’t realize the hazards they expose their child to.”

Marijuana growers leave pesticides, fertilizers, flammable butane cans and webs of extension cords where their children can get into them.

via Pot farms, hash oil labs pose threat to kids | UTSanDiego.com.

HFN editor's note: this ain't no joke, dabbers! Keep the kids safe! The Greenworks types are not doing us any favors. Guns and herb don't mix, nor do flammables, poisons and kids mix. Got it?

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