LawLess! That's what San Diego is!


18-year-old Olivia Lakes Twitter account is protected, though the station obtained a message she wrote to her followers.It said, Huge thanks to everyone who was able to be a part of last night! I hope you all had a damn good time and that youre all okay and safe.

via Jeff Lake arrested for hosting alcohol-fueled Playboy birthday party for 18-year-old daughter | Daily Mail Online.

HFN editor's note: this is a coverup, a whitewash. We demand a full accounting of the crime scene at Jeff Lake's house. We demand a full vigorous prosecution of him and every adult who participated. No excuses!

Sgt. Angela Pearl, you have some explaining to do, I hope you have your act together, and have a good lawyer. Why did you not arrest more people, and where did all the dabs go you found at the scene, or "did not find"?

Just for the record, where was the former President of the PTA, aka "mom" during all of this? Lets see some real local reporting, please.

  • slick. that’s what Mr. Lake is. Slick like a slimy rock in an ice-cold river. Slick like snot on a door knob. “no jail no trial $3600 fine” … Jeff Lake’s Life IS A Party! that’s all herbfolks!

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