Toddler Seizures Treated with Medical Marijuana | NBC 7 San Diego

By Omari  Fleming
|  Thursday, Jan 9, 2014  |  Updated 6:53  AM PST
doctors never envisioned Connor making it to this point in his life.

She says they pretty much gave up on Connor. The toddler was in Hospice care and wasn't expected to live to see his 4th birthday. But medical experts, including Dr. Caroline Hastings, are voicing concern because kids like Connor qualify for marijuana cards, and the cannabis use isn't always monitored by a doctor. "I don't think its safe to use cannabis in this way," Hastings said.

A fundraiser for Connor is scheduled for Feb. 1 at  Poinsettia Park's Thorp Field  in Carlsbad.

via Toddler Seizures Treated with Medical Marijuana | NBC 7 San Diego.

HFN editor's note: Dr. Hastings apparently has no soul. This monster is not fit to practice medicine. Unfit! Shame on her. Where is your outrage, parents, grandparents, and the public at large? Jive ass procedure over patients has risen to an unacceptable level in the DMZ. We must Get Our Gandhi On, and make these demons play nice, when it comes to healing.

Isn't it about time we schooled evil money grubbing "doctors" into standing up for healing, instead of in the way of it? Or shame them; either way will do for the little children. They are victims of this war on people, posing as a war on inanimate objects (aka drugs).

To your point, the healed toddler already has a doctor, Ms. Hastings, thank god its not you!

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