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peaceful people of the plant who Know its Magic

“But you can count the dead bodies from alcohol, tobacco, and legal pharmaceuticals by the millions.”- Jack Herer.

Warning: the HFN family of websites are intended for adults, as are the ideas represented herein.


. the magic plant is one of the greatest gifts of the Creator
. the people are more vital and important than corporations
. war is evil
. peace is good

Therefore we must increase the peace with herb & compassion.

We are dedicated to the magic plant cannabis and all Her(b) Folks!


Why? ’cause there ain’t no Jesus gonna drop from the sky, only Herb Warriors from on high!

Armageddon: it’s a choice! Wage Peace like it’s the last thing you’ll ever do. It is. Ahimsa is his methodology. Love is the medium. They called Gandhi little father. Look at the twinkle in his eye. Om? Om!

How long til the bodies start droppin, with Trump/Bannon in charge of our military & spy organizations? When will they START the next war (we have global war already but profits are down)?
Not long.

When the rabble really wake up to the fact of Amerikas Russian Coup, he’ll say Jesus is on our side, while generating HUGE profits for his friends the bomb makers, the oil merchants, hoteliers, and his wife/daughters Jive ass clothing lines. And you all, the 70% who believe in the “virgin birth” hustle, will eat it up like its ice cream on a scorching day.
Flatworlders your time is running out, the great unwashed are coming to their senses.

Come up, O lions, and shake off the delusion that you are sheep

– Swami V

Cannabis POW report

Chris Williams
Feb 18, 2017
To all of you that have liked and followed this page, thank you very much. I am out of federal prison. The federal bureau of prisons released me to half-way house about 8 weeks ago and I am now on home confinement. I am still not free. I have many years of federal supervision ahead of me. But I am freer than I have been in many years.
I am extremely grateful to everyone who supported me during my time in federal prison. Your letters and kindness will never be forgotten. It is wretched that people are serving life in federal prison for non-violent marijuana crimes. Compared to many sentences for marijuana crimes, my sentence was very short. I am grateful for the blessings that I have and I still support and think of those behind bars. You can contact me through my facebook page, or email at
I am forever grateful for your kindness and support. Be Well, Chris Williams
Released to half way house on Dec 7, 2016
The Incarceration of Eddy was a last failed attempt to continue the incarceration of the truth about cannabis, and a sort of punishment for him being one of the people who opened the flood gates for the rest of the world to finally know that the Emperor was not wearing any clothes. His incarceration was the crime. He is a loving Father, Husband, veteran, and friend who literally opened his home up to hundreds of people, I being one of them, and helped start a revolution. His release, in this time of heightened polarization, is gods way of giving us back one of our much needed elders to heal the divide.

Patrick Duff
Dec 6, 2016