Flat World Religion Is A Weapon

Judaism begat so called Christianity.

Acting like its new and improved. Like it’s Tide detergent or something. This is Christianity,

Then another group of idiots roll up and say, naw you got some of that god shit wrong, Mohammed here says so and if you disagree we’ll just effing kill you and everyone you know, now you women wear these black blankets and sweat your funky asses off in the hot sun, cover your damn selves up, you unworthy hoes. This is Islam.

All flat world religion is nonsense. 🤡 silly shit

Why does America spend so much capital & goodwill on “the Mideast” manufacturing and supplying all sides with weapons and money? Business. Commerce in god clothing. A big grift. A long con.

Dangerous Myths: Just Beneath The Surface…

In response to clap trap in FB from Senator Paul sr.  You can find it yourself if you wish. It’s dumb ass.

Ron Paul is a dangerous doddering fool fronting for Israel, Thomas Jefferson, Moses, & Trump, like his son Rand the Spineless.


Abrahamic religion is made up. From whole cloth, it’s fake. Moses did not exist, hayzeus did not walk on water and his mom Mary if she existed at all, had sex with a man, not a Father God-Dude. Based on fear and killing, and absurd tales of virgin birth et al, they exist for commerce.

Israel like Saudi Arabia is a convenient con job. It sells guns & bombs though!

You mr Paul offer nothing but slop no solutions. Your son carries trumps water and you prattle on like you have special knowledge.

Naw. 🤡You are clownin us all.

It’s simply a flat world hustle ✌🏽