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January 2018

Herbfolks.org calls for a peaceful Ahimsa based, General Strike to save humanity from Trumpism, a scourge as fetid as ISIS. This is an international all mankind problem.

Locally, we have Taxation without representation aka California’s Cannabis Scheme 2018 🔥

They tax our prescribed cannabis medicine, because “it’s the law”.  Change it. 🌲
“Over the counter medicine is subject to sales tax because the state imposed tax on it. Prescription medicine, is not” 👿 Stop the state and federal governments from taxing cannabis. Raise your voice.


The Justice Department is rolling back Obama-era rules that allowed states to cultivate legal marijuana industries.

By Ryan J. Reilly and Nick Wing

The DOJ rescinded memos issued during the Obama administration that outlined certain priorities for federal prosecutions involving marijuana growers and sellers in states where sale of marijuana is legal.


COME OUT OF THE CANNABIS CLOSET it’s safe now kinda🐱sorta…

Epilepsy Awareness

Torrey Holistics

Dummie  said It’s disgusting the press can write whatever it wants. No Donald YOU are disgusting; you are the ultimate Russian Troll, Putin’s tool. 🔥

🤡 The clowns at National NORML still think there is a “branch” in San Diego, CA. Naw. SanDiegoNORML.org

Why this domain has been supended
'San Diego NORML doesn't give a shit about Americas 
7th largest city.
They take your money and SLOW down herb 
legalization and access. And drive nice cars and 
live in great houses.
They are fake herbheads shilling for lawyers.
They are lawyers.'
Grandpa Dale How we got into this mess, with Herr Trump selling steaks water and hate, all the way to "the top": Flat world thinking. And magical thinking.

Legal Adult Cannabis In San Diego

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