Judge orders Goldsmith to turn over thousands of emails By Dorian Hargrove, March 15, 2015 Over the years, Goldsmith has fallen in line with the recommendations from the league; namely, in opposition to the proliferation of both recreational and medicinal use of marijuana as well as the tight controls thatRead More →

EMAIL THIS ARTICLE DIGG REDDIT PRINT THIS ARTICLE Story Published: Oct 23, 2014 at 12:22 PM PDT   Court orders were obtained Monday and Tuesday to close Planet Greens at 936 Garnet Ave. in Pacific Beach; Dank on Turquoise at 841 Turquoise St. in Pacific Beach; Kindest Meds at 3455 Camino delRead More →

Posted: Oct 13, 2014 10:39 PM PDTUpdated: Oct 14, 2014 7:47 AM PDT By Abbie Alford, Reporter   CBS News 8 was the only news station on the scene for the raid. We tried to speak with the man who police say is the mastermind behind the operation, Mark Gillingham, 57. HeRead More →

“Finding the shops, however, isn’t as easy as it once was.” Dorian  H. (San Diego Reader Reporter). via Goldsmith and Code Enforcement dept. out for bud | San Diego Reader. Nine Thirty Six Garnet October 2, 2014 update Its coming together. Or is it? John Nobel and company, including various acronyms,Read More →

y DAVE SCHWAB 20 days ago PLANNERS REJECT DISPENSARYS APPLICATION FOR LEGAL SITE NORTH OF GARNET AVENUE Amid a drive to close numerous unlicensed medical marijuana dispensaries in town, Pacific Beach planners gave a thumbs down to a proposal for a new, licensed cooperative just west of Interstate 5, north of Garnet Avenue.Read More →

“Collectives are not legal, but certainly they are operating in our city”. 2 minutes into this FRESH interview with INTERIM MAYOR Gloria, he gives away the scam. LISTEN UP grasshoppers! Todd Gloria, admitting the city favors some WEED SELLERS, like Kim Twolan of Mother Earth infamy. Not to be confusedRead More →

Goldsmith and Code Enforcement dept. out for bud  – sandiegoreader.com Two weeks before the San Diego City Council is set to discuss a new medical marijuana ordinance, the Code Enforcement department, under the direction of city attorney Jan Goldsmith, remains poised to shut down and file… · February 12 atRead More →

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