Judge orders Goldsmith to turn over thousands of emails By Dorian Hargrove, March 15, 2015 Over the years, Goldsmith has fallen in line with the recommendations from the league; namely, in opposition to the proliferation of both recreational and medicinal use of marijuana as well as the tight controls thatRead More →

“Finding the shops, however, isn’t as easy as it once was.” Dorian  H. (San Diego Reader Reporter). via Goldsmith and Code Enforcement dept. out for bud | San Diego Reader. Nine Thirty Six Garnet October 2, 2014 update Its coming together. Or is it? John Nobel and company, including various acronyms,Read More →

By Dorian Hargrove, Sept. 19, 2014 A new report from the City of San Diego’s Code Enforcement Division shows that officers are closing down medical marijuana dispensaries by the bushel.From 2013 to 2014, the enforcement unit and city attorneys office have closed 76 unpermitted pot shops. According to the report, the cityRead More →

Goldsmith and Code Enforcement dept. out for bud  – sandiegoreader.com Two weeks before the San Diego City Council is set to discuss a new medical marijuana ordinance, the Code Enforcement department, under the direction of city attorney Jan Goldsmith, remains poised to shut down and file… · February 12 atRead More →

Since the 2011 medical marijuana ordinance was repealed, dispensary and collective owners have operated in secret. via Goldsmith and Code Enforcement dept. out for bud | San Diego Reader. HFN Editors note: the title is misleading, in the extreme. Its absolute PROOF the “media” are either bought and paid forRead More →

To limit number, places, and quantities sold By Dorian Hargrove, Feb. 7, 2014 Nearly three years after city councilmembers repealed San Diego’s first medical marijuana ordinance instead of placing it on the ballot, a new ordinance has finally made its way back to the dais. The council will discuss theRead More →


January 2015: the PB Planet Green rats scurried “out of sight”, where WILL they pop up again? They have at least one storefront in town and delivery… John Nobel and company, including various acronyms, have been involved in ongoing ‘weed’ related businesses at 936 Garnet and beyond, ad infinitum.  GreenRead More →