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A Child’s Book

What’s the Torah bible Koran actually?

a simple child’s tale

Flatworld Religion:
from the time when folks could not read, only “the priests” could. When men were kings, nobles, and slaves, and women were mostly all slaves.

Except a few random Queens and 👸 princesses👩🏼‍💻
When the earth was widely believed to be flat. Literally. 🌏
Women were called witches and roasted. Men who could read had power over all.

👺 Abraham was mad, Stark raving mad; if he existed. Moses didn’t! Mo copied his shtick from the Jews, with a few twists (of the knife) adding Warrior /killer to his crock of shit Abrahamic faith.
John the Baptist had his head removed from his body for speaking his mind, in those days.

it ain’t nothin but a meatball  

butthole preacher talks shit about native religions yet Moses is a myth!

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