Another ONAC puts Mother Church on Notice

November 18, 2017
We have been getting many ONAC members and spiritual leaders reaching out in regards to yesterday's article announcing the bold move of putting what's known as "The Mother Church" on an official Grievance notice, pleading for help as ONAC KM feel we are unable to trust the judgement and integrity of it or it's founders. We're putting a link to it here for those who missed and would like to see it:

Among the many questions as to why, how and did it have to come to this, are also coming forth other ONAC church leaders and members confirming the position of KM in opposition of the corruption flowing through Oklevueha and full support being pledged in that this is believed to be the final hope for the mother ONAC tree to not get plowed down and forever dismantled.

Word came into the newsroom from an East Coast ONAC church announcing that they too have followed in KM's position and serve an official grievance against ONAC as well noting that they too distrust the integrity in which ONAC continues spiraling as it goes farther and farther away from the Red road leaving room for such corruption and recklessness as has been seen especially in the last year, first with Matthew Pappas, and worst we Thought in Sugarleaf, but as my of you know, the latest one took the cake and broke the faith we and may had hanging by a rotting thread that we could trust and believe in the mother church's instinct being to preserve her children. Apparently we and many others now have no choice but to realize and accept we were Wrong.

This, a second official grievance and distrust notice came in with the request that we publish it so that it's known. Here is a copy of ONAC of Ohio's grievance of inability to trust for your review and convenience:

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