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Anxiety and Depression Treatment with Psychedelics? : EcoSalon




The psychiatric drug industry is massive. More than $70 billion a year in sales, just in the U.S., are for drugs to treat mental health issues—mainly disorders like anxiety and depression.

Now, as the Drug War is being exposed as ineffective and incredibly expensive, the perception of psychedelic drugs is changing. Add to that the fact that pharmaceuticals don’t always work for everyone battling mental health issues. It can take a doctor and patient several tries to find a pharmaceutical drug that works for a patient, and the drugs can also have significant side effects. They are expensive, and they can present serious challenges to a patient who decides to stop taking their medication. The author David Foster Wallace’s suicide was connected to his psychiatric medication no longer working when he tried to resume the dosage after a period of time off of the medication.

Anxiety and depression disorders are the most common forms of mental illness in the U.S., with more than 20 percent of Americans taking some sort of mind-altering prescription drugs. These conditions are prevalent around the world, too, considered the leading cause of impairment and disability.

via Anxiety and Depression Treatment with Psychedelics? : EcoSalon.

HFN editor's note: 'shrooms are not for everyone. There are two simple 'rules' to observe, for a safe journey. First, the set. Your mind set. Second, the setting. Where are you, is it safe? Do you have a minder you trust? Perhaps you should take a little herb and think on these things before you do anything.

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