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App Delivers Medical Marijuana to Homes

If you want medical marijuana delivered to your home, now there is an app for that.

Source: App Delivers Medical Marijuana to Homes

HFN editor's note: So, what's new?

Have city/state/federal laws changed, since the DEA/NCIS/ATF/FBI first started arresting herb folks for providing cannabis as medicine, in the second largest city in California, a "mmj" state since 1996? Nope, not really.

Not much at all. San Diego is pretty much locked down.  Slingers be sling in' right alongside real herb folks.

Oakland's Harborside (now in Orange County just north of here) is banking millions upon millions of dollars, still, without much competition. Are prices still too high, and access lacking where people need it most? Yes.

Apps, however, are "hot". The notion you can just press a button on your iPhone (a la, Marvina, Eaze, et al, is comforting, to those who actually need cannabis as medicine and have no way to grow their own.

And the apps "work", a dude arrives at your door with "weed". Hmm.... the stoners are getting smarter and more efficient, perhaps? Or are businessmen taking over "mmj", and eventually, recreational cannabis for adults. Yes. So lets dispense with talk of "compassion", shall we? This is simply commerce.

Is an "app" any better than "the old way ( et al)? What difference does it make, if any? What do the lawyer-liars have to say about this trend, anything?

Who are the people, behind the weed-app-economy? How is it they are able to sell "weed" over the internet, these days?

Stay tuned, the apps are coming, the apps are coming!


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