Source: At Denver’s Newest Church, Marijuana Is The Holy Sacrament | The Huffington Post –

cool way cool…

I AM the son of David, you cannot prove I am not. – Peter Tosh

I am the life force with no beginning and no end.

me, eye & I. You. Me.
I and i

I am that I am I am

So are you grasshopper. You are now free to go Bout your business.
Use the holy herb to reconnect with your true self. The ancient newborn

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  1. Where have we heard this story before, grasshoppers?
    Is this any more, or less silly than the Virgin Mary Hustle?
    Some Taoist schools held that Laozi was conceived when his mother gazed upon a falling star. He was born while his mother was leaning against a plum tree. Laozi was said to have emerged as an old man with a full grey beard. This may be because his name – “Old Master” (老子) – can also be read as “Old Child”.[7]

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