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Dead Man Lying

We’ve reached a magical time in the great story unfolding before us, the time when everybody knows that Trump is guilty, but the verdict is not yet in. I remember exactly how it happened in the Watergate story, when everybody knew Nixon was guilty of ordering the break-in at the DNC headquarters at the Watergate hotel and office complex and supervised the cover-up, but evidence sufficient to prove his guilt wasn’t yet available. Guilty men lie, and lie repeatedly.

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its binary, grasshoppers. On or Off

Whats it gonna be?

Decision Time: Bullets OR Bandages?

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Some of the Parts: Is Marijuana’s “Entourage Effect” Scientifically Valid?

By Angus Chen on April 20, 2017

Industry players swear pot’s many chemicals work in concert, but most scientists hear a THC solo

This so-called “entourage effect” refers to this scrum of compounds supposedly working in concert to create what Chris Emerson describes as “the sum of all the parts that leads to the magic or power of cannabis.” Emerson is a trained chemist and the co-founder of a designer marijuana vaporizer products company called Level Blends. Product designers like him believe they can create THC vaping mixtures tuned with different concentrations of each terpene and cannabinoid for specialized effects.

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The Ancient Newborn –

Source: At Denver’s Newest Church, Marijuana Is The Holy Sacrament | The Huffington Post –

cool way cool…

I AM the son of David, you cannot prove I am not. – Peter Tosh

I am the life force with no beginning and no end.

me, eye & I. You. Me.
I and i

I am that I am I am

So are you grasshopper. You are now free to go Bout your business.
Use the holy herb to reconnect with your true self. The ancient newborn

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Cops shut down Clairemont marijuana dispensary


Police shut down a Clairemont Mesa marijuana dispensary Wednesday.

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related AF

Weedmaps bills customers hundreds of dollars monthly, to advertise “weed” shops (legal, shady or whatever).

But they are “slick”, huh? Note the way the address for The Cure is listed! Cops couldn’t get past this device (call for address), huh? is defunct, they add no value, its a burnt out business model taking advantage of the situation.

Weedmaps customers don’t get better “deals”, their “meds” are not any safer, but the commerce continues as if it’s all good in the hood.

Perhaps they should add a column for “legal” or “illegal”, to their adds for “weed”?

Nah, let’s pretend works out better for the lawyer-liars who run this burg, New Berlin By The Bay…