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California orders Weedmaps to stop advertising

“ must immediately cease all activity that violates state cannabis laws,” the letter reads.


Weedmaps is one of the industry’s most successful online advertising platforms for cannabis retailers and delivery services, and it hosts ads for thousands of such businesses across the globe, including at least several hundred in California.


The fine print

The bureau’s letter to Weedmaps noted that California law mandates that any online advertisement of a marijuana business must include that company’s state license number, a rule Weedmaps has not complied with.

“The license number … is not a valid license number required by law, and is in violation” of the law, the letter reads.

The Weedmaps letter is in addition to more than 900 cease-and-desist orders the Bureau has sent to unlicensed plant-touching companies, Traverso wrote in an email Tuesday to MJBizDaily. That’s up from about 500 two weeks ago.

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Magnolia Oakland
15 hours ago ·

We retired our Weedmaps account at Magnolia Oakland a little while ago, when we found out they were charging us $3500 a month for our site marker, and the unlicensed retail store...

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