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Charges Filed Against Medical Marijuana Business Owner

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is filing criminal charges against the owner of a medical marijuana company and his attorney, after being ordered to return $100,000 seized from the business.

By Wendy Fry
The 15-page felony complaint accuses James Slatic, two of his executives and his attorney, Jessica McElfresh of conspiracy and manufacturing a controlled substance.

McElfresh, a defense attorney, wrote in a 2015 email to Slatic about trying to distract a retired San Diego Police Department investigator, according to the complaint.
“I didn’t flirt (wouldn’t have worked), but I just kept focusing on the papers,” she wrote. “I’m convinced they walked away knowing it wasn’t a dispensary in the typical sense… but it probably seemed like something other than just paper.”

Filing charges against criminal defense attorneys is rare.
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Source: Charges Filed Against Medical Marijuana Business Owner

HFN Editors note: it might have actually worked for a while. Honey. So the hot lady lawyer might be a little naive, ya think? It’s also quite possible Jeff Lake, or his federal handlers, sold Jessica down the river. Who knows? He IS above the law, teflon some say. 

Delivery services?, equal application of law? 1 comment on Del Mar sues marijuana dispensary – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Del Mar sues marijuana dispensary – The San Diego Union-Tribune

alEqual Application Of State Law?  Fuckingbreally?application of state law?

Jonathan Horn contact reporter

union tribune

July 7, 2011

Del Mar is suing the operator of the city’s lone medical marijuana dispensary to force him to close the shop.

Patrick Kennedy on March 31 opened without a business license the 1105 Cooperative, a nondescript medical marijuana dispensary across from Del Mar City Hall. At 5 p.m. that same day, a city staffer walked across the street, handed Kennedy a letter denying his Feb. 8 license application and informed him he must close. But the 1105 Cooperative has remained open, despite more than $16,000 in fines from the city.

Source: Del Mar sues marijuana dispensary – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Related AF

Sept 15, 2011

Del Mar Times:

By Joe Tash

Medical pot cooperative closed for good Settlement reached in lawsuit.

Del Mar’s first and only medical marijuana cooperative has closed for good under a lawsuit settlement approved unanimously Monday by the City Council during a closed session meeting with attorneys. The settlement was an- nounced by City Attorney Leslie Devaney after the council returned to open session. It calls for Patrick Kennedy, the operator of the 1105 Cooperative, to pay $10,000 to the city by Friday, and bars him from opening a medical marijuana dispensary in the city for seven years.

If the terms of the settlement are violated, Devaney said, Kennedy would owe the city $62,350. Bob Mahlowitz, an attorney who represented the city in its lawsuit against the cooperative, said the larger figure represents cumulative fines levied against the cooperative for operating without a business license and violating city zoning laws. Attorney Jessica McElfresh, who represents Kennedy and the cooperative, said her client has agreed to the….

hfn editors note, little Jessica was a brand new baby lawyer in those days. Hot AF, too!

April 20, 2017

1105 coop is still slingin after all these years, as an unlicensed “banned by city of Del Mar” delivery service, serving Del Mar ever since … grasshoppers, this is straight up unequal application of state law (in violation of the 14th amendment). This is how San Diego rolls.

Grandpa dale in the hood

Email I received today from ’em follows:

Dear 1105 Members,

4/20 is almost here! We are celebrating with specials and goodie bags.

What is 4/20 you ask? Over the years, April 20th has become a designated cannabis holiday. While urban legend is unclear on where it originated from, here are 3 main theories:
– A group of NorCal high schoolers in the 70s would gather after school at 4:20PM to light up
– There are approximately 420 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant
– 420 may have been a secret police code to indicate the presence marijuana

Check out our specials below, as well as the current menu:

For Delivery: Call, text or visit to use the order form.
Call/Text: 858-792-1105

Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11AM-7PM
Sunday, 11AM-5PM

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High times and uncertainty as marijuana startup Eaze looks to the future

Marisa Kendall
PUBLISHED: March 6, 2017 at 6am

Jim Patterson, CEO of Eaze, says most local governments are afraid of the mass proliferation of dispensaries, so many cities enact tight restrictions. “The majority of people are in favor of marijuana legalization, but almost no one wants to live next to a dispensary.”

Source: High times and uncertainty as marijuana startup Eaze looks to the future

In Callfornia, government sanctioned herb shops are the only ones allowed to sell cannabis as medicine, period, like these folks

Point Loma Patients Consumer Cooperative- PLPCC

Delivery services?, equal application of law? 0 comments on Weedmaps Limitless PB comments

Weedmaps Limitless PB comments

image click on the baby seal

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A promised crackdown on the remaining operators of illegal marijuana dispensaries in San Diego is underway, with operators of three facilities facing criminal proceedings, city officials announced Friday.