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Child Brides in 2016


Refinery 29 UK
March 16, 2016

Photojournalist Allison Joyce was on assignment for Getty Images in her home of Bangladesh last summer when she passed a huge wedding tent being set up alongside the road. Curious what was going on, she asked a passerby who told her the wedding was set for the next day, and thousands of guests had been invited. But the detail that struck Joyce was the fact that the bride was only in the sixth grade. The next day, Nasoin Akhter would be married off to a man twice her age. Joyce returned the next morning with her camera, and was welcomed into the ceremony.

After the wedding, Nasoin is led by relatives to a car that will take her to her new home.

For more information on how to help end child marriage around the world, visit nonprofit organisations Girls Not Brides and Too Young To Wed.

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