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Banners consultations code enforcement scams ... like 😜 crazy

😈🌲trees for fees, and more such Sugarleaf nonsense

Friday August 4th marks the end of a long scary and tragic week for the communities of central California, it's only the Middle of a week long coming for Sugarleaf Rastafarian Church as this marks the third consecutive day of experiencing police raids on their illegally declared "Church farms" immediately proceeding day 1 which would be the shooting of 2 police and death of one of their church member/workers.

So, as everyone paying attention to Sugarleaf, whether it be via main stream media, social media, or here know that thus far, this part of California encompasses the central point of Sugarleaf Rastafarian Church. Sugarleaf came to it's fruition just a few short months ago but has already publicly announced having established "Over 100 churches in less than 3 months" and have announced dozens at a time since.


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