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Church Investigation comes to fruition.

May 13, 2018

As many of you know, recently KM NAC found ourselves having to investigate a church that we had accepted into confederation with us known as ONAC Metropolitan Detroit (ONAC Metro Detroit) which was lead under the guidance of Jacob and Mary Hughes of White City, Michigan, and after a few weeks of having our Sachem personally on the scene conducting that investigation, the mindset,conduct and activities going on were completely contradictory to the moral compass to not only is but to the entire KM NAC tribal family.

We wish to share with you a very brief audio recording that was submitted to the KM NAC Grand Council which helped to draw the conclusion that an immediate disssociation was desperately needed in order to preserve our and all our Native American Church family.

The mans voice you hear on the recording is none other than Jacob Hughes, president of ONAC metro Detroit, which you should also note is in process of officially changing their name to “Spirit Keepers Native American Church” due to the recent bad medicine being exposed about they and their churches moral compass.

It is extremely important to us that all of our members and associates note that Kautantowit Mecautea Native American Church has not will ever have ANY TOLERANCE for Any person who intentionally endangers or harms children, especially when it’s for selfish greed and profiteering period.

Source: Detroit ONAC news-and-current-aff

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