Crazy In California: Sugarleaf Rastafarian Group Denies ‘Selling Churches’ For Up To $35,000

You see, the Golden State is in major flux, right now. With the looming implementation of recreational marijuana legalization, lots of folks aren’t entirely certain where the legal lines lie. That makes them low-hanging fruit for scammers.

The smell of big money permeates the air. Some people tend to get, well, a little crazy at a time like this…. continue reading at Toke Signals

Unfucking real!! These people are trying to move in on us Oregonians, I won’t let this happen!

… read the original article and related articles at their sources. Suffice it to say nobody is reporting on this tragedy but the herb folks. Us.

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Here’s Why ONAC Opposes ONA Sugarleaf Rastafarian Church

The following is quoted from ONAC KM:

“The problem with this for ONAC, is in that ONA Sugarleaf Rastafarian Church, though deeming themselves “An Independent Church from ONAC” publicly, continues to insist that those who are joining in on her exploitation of churches whom are sincerely attempting to preserve our rights to cannabis sacrament such as ONAC easily fall prey to the wolves out to profit off our sincere efforts. “In every picture and post ONA Sugarleaf posts they almost Always have the ONAC logo behind or somewhere in it, more than any other religious symbol, and the same is found true in the church paperwork she is selling to people, it literally says “Protected by ONAC” when the truth be told, ONAC has absolutely NO knowledge or record of any member she is issuing cards to Or in regards to any Church she is selling people.” 

“Because ONA Sugarleaf representative Heidi Grossman Lepp sought and attained membership in September of 2016, and then sought and attained entrustment with the blessing of spiritual leader of an independent branch, which was blessed Sugarleaf ONAC – NOT ONA Sugarleaf Rastafarian Church, it is unclear as to what if any liability there may be for ONAC as far as to what she has been doing in the selling of her churches, but ONAC officials wish it made publicly known and clear that we are NOT About the selling of Churches as it is degrading to the sincere medicine persons who honorably operate as a representation of Oklevueha Native American Church.”

 ~ Oklevueha Native American Church

One Year later? Poof!


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