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No Corporate Memory? Short Term Memory Loss? What IS It With New Berliners Then?

Nine Thirty Six Garnet

October 2, 2014 update

same old same old..... still open!

May 2014 update @ the old website
 (updated 5/3/2014)

Located in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of New Berlin (San Diego, to the uninformed), has yet another herb shop, Planet Greens.

  • Who is the landlord?
  • How is this landlord connected to the previous TWO "mmj" dispensaries to occupy his (their?) building?
  • What happened to Randy Welty, the first guy who ran an herb shop (Green Earth Herbal Collective), not raided on 9 9 2009, (when 14 others were). The guy who stayed open for many months afterwards? The fellow who along with Agent Beresh, ran some sort of "patient groups" (aka Marijuana Merchants Assoc.).
  • What happened to the second group (Garnet Greens), to make millions of dollars, at this location, recently "raided" by the feds. Where is the follow-up, in the main stream media, or even the marginally free press outlets (CityBeat, SD Reader et al).
  • Who is opening the new shop, announced on today? How are they able to do so, in plain site, the city attorney, Todd Gloria, and Bonnie Dumanis notwithstanding.
  • Why are some landlords given passes, (like this one, and the landlord at 841 Turquoise), who then re-lease their "hot" property as if nothing happened? Where is the DOJ on this? Where did the money go?

Stay Tuned, we are on the job!

the Herb Folks Nation


January 18, 2014 Dateline Pacific Beach, New Berlin, CA

Feds allow Planet Greens, 24 hour marijuana dispensary

incredibly talking out of both sides of their mouths, the city of San Diego (now known as New Berlin to many) has allowed another herb shop to open in same location as the ONE THE FEDS RAIDED and SIEZED on Dec 18, 2013, one month ago!

Just the other day we have this quote:  "In fact, the city of

San Diego has not issued any permits to medical marijuana collectives

because there is no planning ordinance in place to regulate such businesses.

coming out of this garrison town as a small church based group is attempting to provide cannabis as medicine, in Tienamen By Mission Bay.

The county's relationship with the DEA is getting downright weird, and even stranger is the lack of reporting on it by anyone but the Herb Folks.

What do you think about that, herb lovers! Is it good news, or something sinister? Its not equal application of the law as the 14th Amendment to the U.S. (again, federal) Constitution allows for..

"Planet Greens"? Really!

Local cannabis stores caught in the no-zone

By              Eleanor Yang Su Union Tribune
12:04 a.m. May 26, 2010


The city of San Diego has issued zoning violation notices to 14 dispensaries:

• Victory 215 Inc., 1025 W. Laurel St. (business subsequently closed)

• Horizon Collective, 1012 Prospect St.

• San Diego Medical Collective, 1233 Camino del Rio S.

• Grass of Earth, 2738 Creekside Village Square (business subsequently closed)

• Green Crop Co-op, 6957 El Cajon Blvd., Suites 106-09

• Nuggetry, 6334 University Ave.

• We the People Collective, 7200 El Cajon Blvd.

• Pacific Beach Collective, 929-39 Turquoise St.

• Made Fresh Daily Collective, 350 11th Ave.

• Earth Medical Collective Inc., 7933 Balboa Ave.

• High Tide Caregivers Cooperative, 6902 La Jolla Blvd.

• San Diego Organic Collective Inc., 2731 Shelter Island Drive

• Green Earth Herbal Collective, 936 Garnet Ave.

• Top Quality Collective, 7990 Dagget St.

SOURCE: City of San Diego



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