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Council to discuss new pot ordinance | San Diego Reader

To limit number, places, and quantities sold

Nearly three years after city councilmembers repealed San Diego's first medical marijuana ordinance instead of placing it on the ballot, a new ordinance has finally made its way back to the dais. The council will discuss the ordinance at a February 25 hearing.

...code-enforcement officers will continue their search using the internet and other tools for dispensaries operating without permits. So far, that search has resulted in the closure of numerous dispensaries as well as two new lawsuits from the city attorney's office.

via Council to discuss new pot ordinance | San Diego Reader.

HFN editor's note: this story is weak, as far as it goes, and really really stale in other places.....  for example, the "two new lawsuits" nonsense; this is both a lie and lousy reporting. Get off your butt Dorian Hargrove, drive over to 841 Turquoise, and write an honorable accurate and CURRENT piece about medical cannabis in the DMZ. Or shut up.

The same goes for whoever is "doing the internet searches" to identify herb shops slingin' in our fine city. Any moron can find a bunch of them open, (without explanation), from driving around, reading the San Diego Reader's numerous weekly (gross) adds, or, wtf, going on weedmaps for five minutes. what kind of reporting is this? San Diego City Beat has lots of adds for herb shops as well, so who is Dorian trying to zoom with this slop?

The fact is there is NO OTHER ACTUAL reporting in the county now known as New Berlin, besides us, the Herb Folks Nation.

Its been eleven years since the Medical Cannabis Task Force convened, which went nowhere, by design. Then the Medical Marijuana Task Force convened, in 2009, with criminals on it "speaking for mmj patients"; Kim Twolan does not speak for medical cannabis patients, she SELLS for profit, still, as she did when she was nominated to the MMTF by Marti Emerald in 2009. This is a shell game, Dorian, get a clue.

Code enforcement officers are a silly distraction, in point of fact, nobody is authorized to sell medical cannabis anywhere in San Diego, according to the city itself. Yet Patient Med-Aid is still open, months after being told to close down immediately as a result of failing a "code enforcement" inspection late last summer? What deals were made in secret to allow them to stay open?

Discussion of code enforcement is a scam, its all a scam, why else is there a 24 hour "dispensary" in PB? Why else is Kim Twolan's "Mother Earth" still selling "mmj" in plain site? What other reason could there be other than WE ARE BEING ZOOMED!

Pay attention!

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