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Guns & Herb Sugarleaf Style: Bad Bad Bad

Creator Of All Universes‎ to Kautantowit’s Mecautea

January 27, 2018 Facebook post

What can you tell us about Heidi Grossman Lepp ? her and Eddy Lepp made a lot of noise & brought a heap of shame on ONAC and the herb movement, by mixing commerce guns religion and “weed”. Please do the world a favor and report on her whereabouts and legal shenanagins. wants to know. Thanks

Murder is murder

Creator Of All Universes So what happened with the lawsuits Heidi filed against the government? What is the status of her arrest and prosecution? Eddy Lepp you owe us some answers. Heidi was LOUD & Proud TIL your church farm was turned Into a murder scene with two cops being Shot. Unless and until YOU come clean, your & her actions continue to heap shame on all woke beings, not just herb lovers. She is hiding out, but not forgotten, this violent gun toting bullshit is bogus Eddy Lepp you let a lot of people down. Are we clear? we On it 🙏

Eddy Lepp Sadly you are misinformed as to where Heidis court issues are they are all a matter of public record she is still loud and proud and the church Was Not a murder site get your facts and the truth straight instill you do please quit spreading lies and null shit feel free to call me anytime you wish to blessings Ps exactly why do you feel I OWE you anything your posting things that aren’t true do your research get the facts before you spread shit that is false

💲💲💲💲💲👿👿👿👿👿 Facts are facts Eddy. Name one thing here that is false. You can’t. Guns were used at your damned church, which killed and wounded people; own it don’t weasel.

  1. Rastafarian church leader arrested in NorCal marijuana sting…

    Rastafarian church leader arrested in NorCal marijuana sting. Heidi Lepp leads church where 2 Yuba County deputies were shot

Related: All flat world religion is nonsense. It’s simply🤡 silly & evil.

Flat World Religion Is A Weapon:
Judaism begat so called Christianity.
Acting like its new and improved. Like it’s Tide detergent or something. This is Christianity.

Then another group of idiots roll up and say, naw you got some of that god shit wrong. They follow a warrior… the crap never ends. 🤮

Why does America spend so much capital & goodwill on “the Mideast” manufacturing and supplying all sides with weapons and money? Business. Commerce in god clothing. A big grift. A long con.
Weaponized “faith” as it were.
Eye ain’t buyin

Rastafarian Church members miss cannabis hearing | Calaveras ……

Cannabis is part of their DNA and cultivation restrictions are a violation of their religious freedoms. The remark was a justification Heidi Grossman, a reverend formerly known as Leppwho heads the Sugarleaf Rastafarian Church, gave Friday when explaining why marijuanafarming should be allowed .

The Strange Case of Heidi Grossman Lepp –…/heidi-grossman-lepp-arrested

Heidi Grossman-Lepp, wife of marijuana activist Eddy Lepp, was arrested on Oct. 3 by the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office on charges of producing and cultivating marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, and suspicion of conspiracy

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