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Herb & Peace: The Rest IS Chaff!

What really matters, folks? Got Faith? 

In what? Moses Jesus & Mo? 

All flat world religion is nonsense. 🤡 silly shit

Why does America spend so much capital & goodwill on “the Mideast” manufacturing and supplying all sides with weapons and money? Business. Commerce in god clothing. A big grift. A long con.

All persons operating and working for any of these illegal marijuana businesses will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” SDPD said in a statement.
Really? Why no follow up by these “reporters” then?
Can you say MKultra grasshopper? How bout Cointelpro or Sugarleaf Rasta Church?
Planet Greens then?
This ain’t no TV show fool!

Why do we wage war instead of peace, if indeed America is a city on a hill? Sup with ”Christian” fascination with killing, for God?

Because we are not. A city on a hill, a shining example for the world to emulate. God ain’t on our side.

John the effing baptist.

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