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Medicinal Cannabis

Herb & Peace News

…its no secret: cannabis induces peace! and its medicine, consider this young woman’s uplifting story, for example.

Heather DeRose

💚Cannabis Athlete🏅

😁CannaFitness Writer, Speaker & Model🌎
💚Epilepsy Warrior💜


CBD was the hot topic at last years Epilepsy Awareness Conference at Disneyland in November.
This year will be the big one for cannabis as medicine, because of success stories like this. 💚🙏🌲 please sign up early.

Medicinal Cannabis
  • We believe you can’t separate the spiritual from the medicinal, qualities of the magic plant cannabis..
  • As such, we invoke our (U.S.) First Amendment right to blaze, eat, wear, or do anything else we choose with, our most holy herb

Cannabis Delivery.. is available, but it’s sketch af

Once this settles down the “market” will adjust, until then, don’t believe everything you read, and don’t listen to the Weed Merchants among us, the Money Changers In The Temple. Like ARMA, NORML, & ASA.

Winning? Adults over 21 may buy herb legally here,  all over the state, without the need for a medical “rec”. 💚

Terps by Kevin Jodrey

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