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Tales High Times Celebstoner et al Won’t Cover 💰🐷✌🏽

Splashy flashy trashy: this is what passes for “news” in the era of Trump-Kardashian 

June 9, 2018

Charles Eddy Lepp and his “wife” Heidi Grossman Lepp have been in hiding since the raids arrests and gun play exposed them this past summer and fall. Since Heidi’s “arrest” …

Whatever happened to the Cannabis Priestess?

Who knows? The government, apparently. Nobody else seems to know or care.

Some say it’s CoIntelPro MKultra stuff, others say they are “crazy in California”;  cannabis case Defendant Jeffrey Reisig’s unopposed demurrer to plaintiff Heidi Lepp’s complaint is SUSTAINED WITH LEAVE TO AMEND.

Then nothin’ not a peep from any above or below ground “media”.

High Times?




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