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Whatever Happened With “The Cannabis Priestess” ?

some say it’s cointelpro MKultra stuff

Re “crazy in California” cannabis case
Defendant Jeffrey Reisig’s unopposed demurrer to plaintiff Heidi Lepp’s complaint is SUSTAINED WITH LEAVE TO AMEND. (Code Civ. Proc., § 430.10, subd. (f); Cal. Rules of Court, rules 2.112.) Plaintiff’s complaint, which consists solely of attachments and exhibits, is unintelligible.
Unintelligible, Are we clear Eddy?
Tentative Rulings 11-7-17 – California
posted on Yolo Court’s Website

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Creator Of All Universes
So what happened with the lawsuits Heidi filed against the government? What is the status of her arrest and prosecution? Eddy Lepp you owe us some answers. Heidi was LOUD & Proud TIL your church farm was turned Into a murder scene with two cops being Shot. Unless and until YOU come clean, your & her actions continue to heap shame on all woke beings, not just herb lovers. She is hiding out, but not forgotten, this violent gun toting bullshit is bogus Eddy Lepp you let a lot of people down. Are we clear? 🙏✌️

Creator Of All Universes
Eddy Lepp 💲💲💲💲💲👿👿👿👿👿

Facts are facts Eddy. Name one thing here that is false. You can’t.  Guns were used at your fucking church which killed and wounded people own it.

Eddy Lepp
Fuck you the church Was Not the place where the shootings happened it was on the property next door owned by a x cop and it was her gun he used so check the facts out before running your uninformed mouth it’s B S like this that allows them to keep winning even despite the facts proving were right but to many just like you stir the shit pot from afar without talking to the people who were involved and know the facts so keep running your lies and B S as to your B S about me please come say it to my face you P.O.S.