Seriously do you know what’s legal herb wise? Do you know the true history of cannabis liberation, in California since 1996?

The Tale Of Nunes, Hester, and Mr. BigTime Pot Lawyer

Sunday March 11, 2018 update: These mofos MUST be in the pocket of the god damned  police in this garrison town! Why, ‘cause they’ve made millions of dollars 🔥🌲💲

May 28, 2018

I receive texts often, from the Cloud Nine folks, soliciting my business. This intrigues me, how do they get away with illegal criminal activity, year in year out, in plain sight? They’ve been raided closed reopened almost too many times to count, even for us, experts on San Diego cannabis. Here’s this weekends texts:

1/2 *Sales end at Midnight

-Top Shelf Flower- 7G for $15 (select strains)

-Strawberry Cough, Key Lime Pie, & Tangie OG- 5G $40/$9G

Click Deals ....


C9/One Stop
1078 Elkelton Blvd SV
x to stop

Source: How DO We Know Which Shops Are Legal?

Brewery told to stop making beer with hemp-derived extract

Channel 8 San Diego May 24

U.S. officials have ordered a San Francisco brewery to stop producing a specialty beer containing cannabidiol, the hemp-derived extract known as CBD, because it lacks the proper permitting ...

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — California is the nationwide leader when it comes to medical marijuana. “The old stereotype of ripping bong hits and running for the potato chips is a ...

District 5 Candidate Jerry Kern Says He Would Work To Allow Recreational Marijuana In County

KPBS San Diego May 22 

Jerry Kern, a candidate to represent District 5 on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, is pictured in this undated photo. Most of the members of the San Diego ...

Lawyers Liars have run the herb business since prop 215 twenty some years ago. To our detriment. Getting away with crime after crime not paying a dime.

Where’s Jessica’s Case?

Did she skate too? She “trained under Jeff Lake”, what did you expect? Gets popped, in the news, then poof! Just like Heidi Lepp, but different…

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