What do you mean when you use the word faith?

If you have some, why?

All American citizens have a first amendment right to use cannabis as sacrament without government or corporate interference. Its not just for native americans, its for all of us.

The 1st Amendment is not an option, ITS THE LAW of the land according to the U.S. Constitution. The reason it was the FIRST amendment, is because of its importance. None of the others matter, without its guarantee.

Often faith is an excuse to do whatever your heart desires without consideration for the other beings on the earth. Sometimes it's used to justify slavery, and mysogny.

Sometimes it's good, actually useful. How's yours holding up?


Holy Holy Holy?

we got your holy right here, peace mongers!

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September 30 at 12:00am ·
Coming Soon:
A brand new book by The Healing Church -- our Originalist Bible interpretation, explaining the role of cannabis in the Bible.fineassherb.jpg
There are some GREAT books on Biblical cannabis out there, but this one takes the cake. We hope you will enjoy it


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