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High Octane Wellness

6620 Miramar #103

Late Spring 2016

I visited this shop today for the first time. The quality of the herb, and the pricing, selection, and overall vibes are excellent. The Versace OG at 30$ for four grams (regular price, not FTP), is a fantastic value. Today they gave me 6 grams for FTP. Four grams of Saturn OG was just 30$ as well, really fine herb. The girl said they were licensed by the city. I had not heard that, as I found them in on my iPhone when going to Mankind Collective just down the street. High Octane rules, Mankind was pretty cool though.

February 2017 update

Where did High Octane Wellness “go”?
They’d moved a few moths ago a couple blocks away from the 6620 Miramar spot, sly dogs they were… good herb for a time, but they’ve disappeared from
Assuming the po po closed them up. Were Feds involved? Who got the herb, and money? Where is the m-s-m reporting? Nowhere…
Nothing to see here, keep moving along…

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  1. High Octane moved a couple blocks away, on Commercial I think it is. They are not city legal so they will be shut down soon if not already, so hurry! Mankind is better overall I believe. Grandpa Dale in the hood

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