These fools send me emails slinging herb illegally all these 7 years since they worked an underhanded under the table deal with the city of Del Mar to not sell illegal marijuana in Del Mar under threat of ongoing fines. Google it if you don’t believe me fool. I live in Del Mar.

Who did they bribe? Who is their benefactor in the police 👮 and city govt?

Fuck them very much. Here’s today’s email.

Fall is here, but our flowers are still green!
October is one of our favorite months in San Diego.. it truly is the locals summer. Below are some new strains and updated products. We appreciate your continued support!

For Delivery, you can call, text or visit www.1105coop.com to use the order form.
Call/Text: 858-792-1105
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11AM-7PM
Sunday, 11AM-5PM



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