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Is Mafia Too Strong A Word For The Trump Crime Family? Too Small A Word?

The Sixth Crime Family? You guessed it, Trump


It was too easy, the way they took over. Who helped? Who cares?

Evangelicals helped. Russians helped. Chinese helped. Billy Graham and his son Franklin helped. Yeah, they would have you believe gods “only son” helped elect Trump. Seriously.

Considering the silly flatworld myths and all… it was was easy.

Hate is bred into them under the guise of “God said”. Slavery was legal once, too, they taught the world is flat, and women could not vote.

These are the good old days Trumpkins pine for.

No, tell the devil no deal.

Its Time to Get Our Gandhi On. A la MLK. Like the Salt March.

Make it happen, please peace mongers its on us.

Ahimsa is how GandhI rolled. how are you gonna roll?!

Quite a slogan. A helluva marketing scam. Campaign on making ‘merica great again, then making China Great Instead. Donald thinks he’s fooled us all.

Trump appears to confirm deal on Chinese firm ZTE | TheHill

President Trump late Friday appeared to confirm that his administration had reached a deal to put Chinese telecommunications company ZTE back in business.

While making Ivanka an Asian Marketing Mogul💲

Timing of Ivanka Trump's Chinese trademarks raises red flags

CNBC 3 hours ago

The Chinese government awarded Ivanka Trump's fashion brand seven new trademarks, according to online records, just as President Donald Trump pledged to revive Chinese ...

Mafia is a term to describe a “family” dedicated to crime. They Pillage business's they muscle in on, cashing in at all costs, destroying the business in the process. This is their business model.


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