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Joy Responds To New Berlin “Authorities” On Being Passed Over

Joy Greenfield · Top Commenter · Loyola Marymount University, replied to a UT article By David Garrick5:19 P.M.DEC. 3, 2014

as follows:
Joy Greenfield applied for a medical marijuana Conditional Use Permit. I do not want to open a POT SHOP.

Todays article I said "The caveat is a flawed process wherein the city has cost applicants hundreds of thousands of dollars with no hope of getting a permit. It's fraud running rampant, with the outcome of millions of dollars in lawsuits being filed against the city."

3452 was approved after Gina Austin@Austin legal group contacted E. Gutierrez and requested the NORA for 3421 Hancock be re-posted and it was re-posted for another 10 business days, enabling someone by the name of Benjamin Zoback to appeal.

3452 was never attached to 3421, and if it was -- it should have been re-posted also.

There was not a clerical error as the article said "it was a cover-up with E.Gutierrez sending 3430 NORA dated September 17th to me for proof. My NORA was dated August 29th so the date of 3430 clearly shows

"it was a lie, cover-up and willful manipulation of sabotaging the permitting process.

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New Berliner Burnin'

I am an adult herb lover who craves peace.

One thought on “Joy Responds To New Berlin “Authorities” On Being Passed Over

  • 2015-03-25 at 11:28 pm

    Point Loma, friends and family…Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Opp is stoked and honored to have received the go ahead from the city to be the ones to bring a better quality of life and hope to the Midway District. We are super excited about the up and coming year and looking forward in getting involved with the local community in many ways. We can’t wait to open in about 8 weeks LEED certified! Will

    We are proud to be the first LEED project of its kind in the US as well as the world, as we know of today!!
    Congratulations again Point Loma, OB and remember to Keep it Classy San Diego



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